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Helical Cable Removable Connector

Removable Helical Cable Connector 

Problem: Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) have to carry critical signals over very long distances.  The connection between the head-end equipment and the antenna array must be buried, environmentally secured, and each cable must be phase matched and cut to a precise electoral length.   These factors yield an excellent application for a heliax type cable.  However, connectors available for use with these types of cables are expensive and require a great deal of work to phase.  A typical application requires soldering the center contact, assembling the connector, taking measurements, disassembling the connector, de-soldering the contact, cutting the cable, re-soldering the contact and re-measuring to confirm the results.

SolutionTED Manufacturing Corporation has developed the 7-10-63 series connector.  The 7-10-63 works on 1/4 Inch Superflex FSJ Cable and features a captured contact that allows the connector to be affixed to the cable without soldering.  As a result, removal of the connector, alterations to the cable length, and permanent reattachment of the connector have been greatly simplified.

From the 7-10-63’s design we created several other TED connectors for application on other types and sizes of cables: